Thrifty Treats for Students


One of the most challenging, non-academic aspect of being a student is surviving on a budget. Eating out could really hurt the pocket if done too many times! So here are some of my ‘cheat treat’ that’s worth trying if you want a treat, but keeping it under budget. It just take a little trip to the nearest grocery and a few minutes to preparing the treat yourself.

Splurge: Starbucks Frappuccino

Save: Blend bottle of your favorite ready-to-drink coffee with coffee ice cubes. To make coffee ice cubes, just dissolve coffee in water, pour in ice cube tray and freeze. This is good to use to prevent watering down your iced coffee or blended coffee. Adjust sweetness by adding sugar syrup (syrup dissolved in hot water) or more coffee for a more bitter taste. I like to top this drink with a spoonful of Milo for a Blended Coffee Milo Dinosaur!

Splurge: Boost Juice Smoothie

Save: Blend your favorite fruits with ice, coconut water or almond milk or any type of milk you fancy. I like making strawberry and banana smoothies for days I go to uni and would have some snack during the afternoon lecture.

Splurge: Japanese Ramen

Save: Grab a pack of the Nissin Tonkotsu Ramen at an Asian shop. Prepare and serve with a half-boiled egg, drops of sesame oil and chili flakes. YUMM!! This is perfect for cold nights and you just can’t be bothered to line up in Ippudo for ramen or just don’t want to or can’t spend around 16-20 AUD for a bowl of ramen.

Splurge: Café Milkshake

Save: All you need are a few scoops of vanilla ice cream, milk, and chocolate or strawberry (or any other flavor) syrup. Blend and enjoy! Serve with a chocolate wafer stick for that extra oomph.

Splurge: Subway Wrap

Save: Purchase a bag of wraps, ready-to-eat salad, and a pack of sliced ham, turkey or chicken breast. Place the salad on top of the flat wrap, place meat on top and then fold. Easy! I like putting cheese on my wrap or sometimes, a drizzle of ranch or thousand island dressing. This is great for breakfast on the go!

So that’s my thrifty treat list currently, and I’m looking to growing the list! If you know a few items, please share them! All of the items above will require a few minutes of shopping and prepping but it’s totally worth it. What I also like about preparing your own food is that you can adjust according to your taste and required proportion. Another bonus is that buying the ingredients in the grocery allows preparation for more than one serving. This means being able to have that yummy treat whenever you feel like it, even as often as you please, and at a lot less cost per serving!

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