Summer Down Under


Words cannot describe how excited I am now that the climate is getting warmer! I reckon it is ‘my kind of season’ as I have been born and raised in a country where there’s only 2 seasons – summer and rainy season. I, of course, thrive in the former. You know how they say that when one’s mood is affected by the weather, it is some form of disorder? Well, I don’t mind that, so long as the weather affects my mood for the better!

Warm climates and long sunshines are my kind of thing. There is something special about summer that makes me feel more alive! The thought of just lazing in the sand and just hearing the waves crashing through kept me going and helped me survived the winter. It may sound weird, does it? But yeah. Another proof of my having a summer-all-year-long mindset is the absence or scarcity of clothes for winter. My wardrobe basically shouts S-U-M-M-E-R, haha!

So now, that my favorite season is finally here, and uni just concluded for the year, it is the perfect time to hit the beach! Awesome timing as a couple of weeks back, there was a Summer Festival ongoing in Cronulla. Perfect excuse to go is to watch the surfing championships, too! Sooooo…yup! I invited my friends for a nice daytrip to the beach.

I was pleased to know that there are a number of good beaches here, Down Under, that’s very accessible. Just hop on a train to Cronulla, or a bus to Bondi, and Voila! The sand and seas are awaiting! I welcomed summer with arms wide open!!! Or shall I say, summer welcomed me and oh was I ecstatic! I was so happy to see the beach and watch the strong ladies battle it out in riding sizable waves! Another pleasing discovery for me was that there were several ‘rock pools’ in the area. These are enclosed areas so close by the sea that it gets filled with sea water. It was really nice to take a dip on the ‘rock pool’, as well as do some leisurely swim laps

A good friend recommends that we try a coastal walk next time we visit the beach to view the other parts of the coast, as well. It was truly lovely. Summer is here and I hope to make the most of it, before the cold weather kicks in again!


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