Changing your Degree Midway Through Your Studies


Enrolling into a course of study can be daunting, yet exciting, and once you take that leap of faith it’s full steam ahead. But what happens if you’re not really meshing with what you are learning or if you simply start to develop feelings for another course? I caught up with two of my fellow students from Endeavour College of Natural Health to find out the “why’s” and “how’s” of transitioning from one qualification to another.

After experiencing the health benefits from improving her diet and spending all of her free time researching and cooking nutritious food, Ky Wakfield decided to enrol in Nutrition at Endeavour.

“I loved what I was studying and knew instantly that I’d made the right decision. However conversations with naturopathic students started me thinking of the benefits that prescribing herbs might have for my future clients, and my business. I thought for the cost of one extra year studying the benefits of changing courses were significant.

The process itself was surprisingly easy! I made an appointment with student services, plotted my new course progression and signed a couple of forms and it was done. It was exciting and a bit scary, as I had no personal experience with the modality; it just felt like the right choice. As the course structure for first year is similar in both degrees I had just a couple of extra subjects to finish for first year and hadn’t studied any subjects, which weren’t included in the Naturopathic degree. I’ve never once regretted my decision to change degrees.

I always intended to grow my own business, but the vision of what it will look like is just now coming together and I suspect is quite similar to what it would be had I completed the nutrition degree. I love nutrition and I think the naturopathic principles indicate that removing the obstacles to health and implementing a more healthful regime are paramount to good health, and here I think food and lifestyle shine. For this reason I think I will be a ‘food first’ kind of practitioner. Embracing naturopathy has given me the philosophical framework, and a great choice of interventions to ensure that every client receives truly individual care.”

Endeavour student Naomi Kazi started at Endeavour as a Naturopathic student. Two years into her course and after experiencing beneficial health outcomes from receiving acupuncture in the student clinic, Naomi decided to switch her degree to Chinese Medicine.

“I was in class and something was mentioned about acupuncture and it just clicked that that was the modality I wanted to be studying in. The process was almost instant; I contacted student services and asked to be transferred over.  The semester was already underway but luckily the acupuncture department coordinator had faith that I would be fine catching up and I started the following week (week 3).

The transition was challenging and caused me some stress as changing my thought processes from a western model of health to an eastern model was difficult. But it did happen, it did click for me (that light bulb moment) and that moment was facilitated by fantastic lecturers that were able to bridge the gap between western and eastern models.  From that moment on the stress turned into motivation and a certainty that I made the best decision for me and the direction I wanted to take.  I wouldn’t change how I went about it either as doing predominantly western bioscience subjects in a western modality helped the study process and understanding.

My future aspirations obviously vary, but only slightly, as I had a strong desire to work with herbs and was lucky enough to have a few of the western herbal subjects prior to commencing Chinese medicine. The modality may differ but my desire to work with herbs hasn’t and I hope to further studying in that area post my degree.”

Changing your qualification mid-studies can be scary but rewarding and taking that leaf of faith will ensure that you continue to follow your dreams and achieve the goals that will have you working in your dream job!

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