Personal Mastery Program

Do you ever feel frustrated or disappointed that things in your life are not going the way you want?

Do you have dreams and aspirations, but for some reason you hesitate when it comes to trying to achieve them, but can’t explain why?

Is there a goal or dream you have that seems to drift from one year to the next without ever getting closer?

If you answered yes to any of these, you'd be like most people. Now imagine if you could get to a stage where everything you wanted to change or improve in your life started heading in the right direction. Imagine feeling empowered to take the steps and make the changes you need to achieve your goals. Your goal may be as grand as a lifelong career dream or as as simple and elusive as avoiding a behaviour you know is not serving you.

That's what this program is all about - Helping you be the best you can be and equipping you to achieve greater success in all parts of your life.


Included in the program:

  • Access to 16 part, self–paced video series – Ongoing access. Mobile friendly.
  • Personal Learning Journal – Explore your own mindset as you move through the content.
  • Personal Action Plan 
  • Transcript of all video assets.
  • Completion Certificate.

Usually $125. Special introductory offer to Brightly members of only $15

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